Event Production

Event Production

Top-Quality Custom and Branded Event Photography!

  • CTN specializes in green screen and traditional event photography services; providing instant on-site printing, emailing, and social networking of photographs.
  • CTN also offers an Open Photo Booth option. Unlike the standard photo booth, images are professionally photographed and group shots as large as 25 people can be accommodated!
  • Each custom green screen background is created by All-Star’s award-winning design team, producing a completely unique take home piece for attendees of any type of event.
  • All-Star prides itself of professionalism, quality, efficiency, and accountability; providing the best experience in event photography.
  • Thousands of photographs can be produced in just a few hours. The set-up is clean, professional, and requires a footprint of 10ft x 10ft maximum.
  • Ideal for sponsorship, any logo can be incorporated into the photographs, providing outstanding exposure both as a take-home photograph and through instant social networking and emailing.

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