Press, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Package


Our #1 goal is to get your website at the top of search engines!

  • Video News Release Production.

  • This is an actual Television News Story.  Most of the news you see on Television originates from a Video News Release, this is disseminated to different networks and they re edit and voice over to present a version of the story that appears to be generated from their staff.  Your Video News Release will be placed and broadcast on California Television Network.  There will be a live stream programming placement and also a video on demand placement.

  • News Page Blog (Online written news story).

  • This is a text and picture news story like you would see in the LA Times.  Your Video News Release will also be present.  This is great press and promotion and increases the chance of high search engine ranking.

  • Meta Tags Update on Video and Blog pages.

  • Meta tags are what Google and other search engines see when they are updating search engine placement.

  • Link to Pages from California Television Network.

  • Links to and from California Television Network to your site will improve search engine ranking.

  • Profile Page on California Television Network.

  • You or your company will also receive a profile page on California Television Network.  This is great for people shopping looking for products and services and integrates with our promo code marketing program.

  • Discount coupon promotion and Referral marketing program.

  • This is a special promo code promotion that allows for many different affiliate partners to refer your products and services and receive a commission when a purchase is made.  It also offers a discount to the consumer.  This is like adding thousands of people to your sales force.

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO.

  • This is the art of increasing your search engine ranking.  All of the above items combined do just that.  In addition we also add to your existing YouTube page and create one for you to additionally present you Video News Release Story.

Search Engine Optimization

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